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We know that many are looking for resources for continuing the spiritual education of their children during this time. Below are some links that we feel may add value to whatever you may already be doing--or that may help those who are feeling lost or overwhelmed in this area. We aim, as always, to focus on biblically-saturated materials that are age-appropriate and God-centered. We hope these suggestions are a blessing to you and your family.


Family-Based Sunday School:

For younger children, Group Publishing has offered free downloadable videos that allow the opportunity to at times pause the video and engage in discussion.

For older kids, the Bible Project has adapted some of their existing content for the COVID-19 situation. They offer some brief topical videos and also provide a list of recommended Bible passages and related questions for family discussion.


Family Devotionals:

New Growth Press, which we use for our Children's Church curriculum, has a complementary family devotional for both the Old and New Testaments. Especially helpful is that they offer an eBook version, which means you can purchase and use this right away. ($3 Kindle version)


Potential Entertainment Alternatives:

In terms of entertainment (which most families are using more of these days), while these options are not all direct Bible lessons, many of them celebrate the moral values of Scripture in ways that are likely more helpful then mainstream media. Offers a monthly subscription ($7/mo), which includes a library of various popular children's cartoons, as well as some classic Christian media. Is a free alternative if your finances are a bit tight right now.